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People around are getting addicted to creativity! I know i have been for as long as i can remember, but im hearing it more so from others, who discover websites where suddenly theres thousands of people just like you.. creative, like making things, artistic, believe that reaching dreams are possible.. Dream of earning an income thru your arts and creativity..

But at the same time ive found whilst im at one place (website, social network etc) i cant go on too much about other similar places (eg : DeviantArt, Flickr, Redbubble, Imagekind, Cafepress) – they are not exact same sites, but they have some similarity, and of course in business sense they want to ‘keep’ you there. This is not going to help us who are so creative that we have joined several communities (like i have).

And so, i thought id create a space where we  can all gather and talk and show and support each other, no matter where we sell our stuff, or what type of creative (music, arts, writing, dance, etc), or where we are in the world.

So keep coming back.. grab the RSS feed – and eventually there will be a widget you should be able to grab, for updates etc

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