Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear with Kevin Kubota | RSVP for FREE LIVE CLASS

You don’t need expensive gear to make professional quality images. 


In Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear, Kevin Kubota will teach you how to create lighting and photography tools with affordable and readily available materials. 


Kevin will walk you through every step of building your own light modifiers and photo gear and show you exactly how to use them, with live models, for beautiful effects. You’ll learn how to:


Work with speedlights and mix natural light with flashShoot portraits in the studio or on location with DIY gearSet up a simple commercial lighting shoot


Kevin will share essential lighting concepts that will improve all of your lighting choices. You’ll learn techniques you can apply to all the gear you use – whether it is from a manufacturer or your tool shed. 

The right gear makes getting your best shot easier. Whether you use natural light, speedlights, or studio strobes this class will show you how to augment your gear with affordable, handmade tools to get even better results.




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