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Came across this tutorial/article today that i think its a GREAT idea! For one, not everyone likes wearing t-shirts, especially us girls – but there are so many wonderful designs out there on tshirts these days and if you dont wear tees you sort of feel like you missing out. So this tutorial is great especially for tshirts where the print is on the back of the tshirt. Do visit the article to get the full tutorial and information.

How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Ruffly Cardigan

Vintage bed jackets are beautiful but harder and harder to find in thrift stores these days. Why not make your own bed jacket-inspired cardigan out of an old T-shirt? Restyling is so timely right now; you get a new, fun piece to wear, it doesn't cost anything, AND you're putting something to use that hasn't seen the light of day for ages. This sweet little number is the perfect cardi to throw on over a dress or tank when the weather warms up, which I'm told will happen again some day!

All you need is a T-shirt that approximately fits (a little big is OK), some scissors, thread, chalk or marking pen, and your sewing machine. Note: You may need a second tee if your shirt isn't very long to get enough fabric for the ruffles.

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