Buying Adobe CS4 Classroom in a Book online

I am currently catching up to my external studies, Diploma in Commercial Arts (Graphic Design) at CATC. Am currently 3/4 thru my second assignment, and peeked at the next section which is Produce Electronic Design (Fundamentals).

The initial three books i need to buy are:

All the books above have a DVD/CD

Each book is about the AUD$50.00 mark – so i am currently looking online amongst all the bookshops who has the best deal/prices including postage costs. I also looked for it on Ebay, but at the present moment no one in Australia seems to be selling it.

Also available at Amazon

The online bookshops that i am comparing with are:

    • $141.90 + $9.95 p/h : $151.85
  • Book Depository
    • $ $127.22 + free shipping : $127.22 <– i purchased!
    • $141.90 + $9.95 p/h : $149.91
    • $149.91 + free shipping : $149.91
    • $148.35 + $6.50 p/h : $154.85


The Non-Designer's Design and Type Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice

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