Books to Read : Delivering Happiness

I like and find it important to read books to keep me motivated, teach me and inspire me with my dreams and goals, especially when working for youself and doing it alone. Today I came across this link via the CrowdSpring blog – which i am going to add to my wishlist of books i'd like to read..

Delivering Happiness is an outstanding book for anyone who wants to better understand the turbulence of a startup and the effort and personal sacrifice needed to succeed.

The book also offers many lessons about building a company’s culture and the tremendous advantages that good culture (and happiness) can bring to a company struggling to survive. The business concepts in the book aren’t unique, but the stories are relevant and contain many important lessons for startups, small businesses and even large companies who are focused on differentiating their products and services.

sourced : Book Review: Delivering Happiness by Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh

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