What You Say – How You Think, matters!

Whilst reading Kabai 33‘s post “21 Blogs To Follow If You Want To Sell Art Online”  I came across a suggested blog in the comment section, Christine Kane's Blog – where she has lots of creative inspired articles that we all should read. This particular post titled “How Many More Times Do You Want to Say That?”  which got my attention and totally agree with all she had to say.. 

How much longer do you want to keep infusing this cool idea with the energy of your fear? How much longer do you want to play small and share your smallness with other people? How much time do you want to waste in fear before you’ll take the necessary action steps to move forward?

With my pursuit in finding more courage within me, whether to grasps lifes opportunities or reaching my dreams to be the best i can be, this advice given is something I will want to adhere to my daily life, and i hope you take the time to read it and find it as useful as i did.

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