Viewing Photoshop Brushes

My Photoshop Brush collection has been getting quite large, that I dont even know what i have.  Today i googled “Photoshop Brush Manager” and came across the most popular (i dont think there is any other such program, for free!) called ABR Viewer.  Its free and available directly from the developers website.. 

What the developer said :

There are lots of wonderful brush sets for photoshop in the web… too many to install them all just to see what they look like! now you can have the preview of a set without having to install it… without having to run photoshop! You can even adjust thumbnails size  and you can have the preview of the actual size of the brush… you can also try it out! People who publish brush sets on their personal websites need to provide users with previews. This software is able to generate images for every single brush and can also generate the general image from the panel of the thumbnails you have visualised. I think it's great, don't you?

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