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christmas stock vectors

Creating art products, gifts and merchandise doesn't mean each piece is drawn (by hand or digital) by the artist. Some artist just prefer to make art, and not worry about layout and making it into something else.. These artist usually sell their art also at Stock sites, like Crestock so that people who are not too artistic but with great conceptual product and merchandise ideas can buy the image with appropriate licenses for commercial usage.

You are not allowed to buy any stock images/product and duplicate to resell in any form..(eg: t-shirt, poster, mousepads, etc) – however you ARE allowed to utilize the art within your art creative..resulting in a totally new unique art piece.  Always read the Terms of Service and Copyright and Licenses information before purchasing any stock, to prevent any  illegal mishaps

These days one can purchase Stock images, vectors, audio clips, video clips, animations and lots more – making it easier for each artist who prefer/love to do a specific skill keep creating their magic.. and the collaborator of ideas create new products utilizing (and sustaining income for all concerned) the art of worldwide artists.

The prices are not too expensive – and it also depends on the type of license you purchase.

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Which means, something like this vector file (scalable to any size) would cost $10, but with this mad discount..its only $5 bux

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