Mobile Suit Design Contest by Wacom


ENTRY DEADLINE: 31 March 2009
ELIGIBILITY: Residents of Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other nations (except China, Hong Kong, and Japan). Residents of other nations may be considered for awards, but may not be eligible to receive prizes.

  • PRIZES: Intuos3 9×12 and 6×8 professional pen tablets.
    Winning artworks may be considered for use at events with full credit to the artist!

What if several hundred years from now, Wacom, being a human interface company, started offering mobile suits? What would they be like? Where and what would they be used for? How cool would they be? Enter your ideas in Wacom's latest contest!

 (Note: Be sure to read the contest & submission rules, and remember, they're  looking for ORIGINAL designs, not fan art!) 

Contest Period: 6th Feb – 31st Mar, 2009
(ends 11:59 pm, Tokyo time)


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