JPG Magazine is No More

JPG Magazine Says Goodbye

Received this surprising email today. I've not been a super active participant at JPG but know of lots of acquaintences thats had their images chosen and showcased there, and i thought it (JPGMag) had a good/great reputation.. Sad to think they just disappear after all the hard work that was put into it..

Today is a particularly sad day for all of us at JPG and 8020 Media.

Weve spent the last few months trying to make the business behind JPG sustain itself, and weve reached the end of the line. We all deeply believe in everything JPG represents, but just werent able to raise the money needed to keep JPG alive in these extraordinary economic times. We sought out buyers, spoke with numerous potential investors, and pitched several last-ditch creative efforts, all without success. As a result, will shut down on Monday, January 5, 2009

JPG Magazine: Blog.

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