Infectious : Your art on iPhones, iPods & more


Here's a new (or many not) site i just discovered whilst browsing thru links posted by my friends in Facebook, called Infectious.

Its a place you can submit your artworks and get it on merchandise/products like Laptop Skins, iPhone & iPod Covers, Wall Vinyl and Car Decals.

How does it work?

From what i can quickly gather, there are areas where you can submit your works for critique first. This is recommended path to take for new members..   

Then there are contest happening all the time where you submit your stuff and it gets voted. From there an Infectious artist is selected. All designs selected get a 5% of net sales and up to $400 in Infectious products. Design of the month gets an additional $400 in cash.

Sounds a bit like a similar concept they do with t-shirt design places eg: Threadless, Design by Humans..   but here its lots of other skins instead of tees.  

Made with love

Infectious has worked with artists from around the world to help turn surfaces into canvases for art.


Easy to apply

Infectious Art is designed for easy self-installation. No previous experience is required.



Ready for a change? Infectious art is designed to peel off easily. Make your mark without leaving a mark.

>> Visit INFECTIOUS and submit your art! 

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