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Last night whilst i was doing my usual surf the net looking at creative works and whats new (or old), i came across this website called Yola offering Free, simple to build website with no advertising.

So I checked it out further and joined to see exactly how easy it is to build, as I have a few friends and clients that seeks to make their own website without knowing too much html/codes etc. Plus also I have been looking at making some pages to showcase my products in my free Artsnow shop, where customers can see it all in one page. So this is what i set to do in Yola, testing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Within two hours i built myself a nice looking site in Yola, using their free templates (they give you a nice selection of basic free templates, or you can get a more snazzy template for a token price)

It IS really easy to build a site at Yola, and you dont really need to know any HTML or codes. You just choose the layout you want and then drag and drop the sections you want in your pages (eg: Text, Image, HTML codes, etc). They even allow you to open a shop in there where you can utilize PayPal shopping cart for your sales (you will need a premium or business pay pal account though).  Also if you have Google Adsense account, you can also add advertising to earn some dollars.

Build a free website, anyone can do it!

Yola reminds me a little bit of Blogger/Blogspot – but with their drag and drop modules, i think a lot of people will find Yola easier than Blogspot.

So if you are looking to build yourself a website or blog – i suggest that you check out Yola and see how easy it is to make one. If you are stuck or need some help, dont hesistate to contact me and i can help you or give you a few tips and pointers.

Visit YOLA now and make yourself a website – its easy, you will see!
Build & host your website for free.

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