Designing a T-Shirt. Lets find out how easy or hard it is..

tshirttutorialWhen i started t-shirt designing in 2005 i didnt have a clue how to do it, and unless i wanted to have boxy designs on the center (or back) of my t-shirts, i had to think ‘outside the box'. I was stuck for days, no great ideas for any design.. i just started at the blank screen in Photoshop..

My first design made for t-shirt was the word “Believe” which i published at my shop  Psydewalk (Cafepress). I dont use Illustrator or any vector based program cuz i havent ventured into that ‘world' yet, and i know that a LOT of the great t-shirt designs we see out there are created in Adobe Illustrator.

Im still clueless about quite a few things about T-Shirt design, so to fix that, I'm going to make a special educational effort to source and find informative (and easy to understand) tutorials, articles, links to help me (and you) better my craft.

I will add to this page as i find more info and resources – so check back often. Share any tutorials and resources regarding T-Shirt design, if you have any in the comment box below.


VIDEO Tutorials

How to design T-shirts
& get them ready for print (Video tutorial)


T-Shirt Design How to video:
Create Halftone Effect in Photoshop


How to use T-shirt template
for design comp submissions at Threadless

here's the link to download a psd file of Briana t-shirt template

Here's another way to design t-shirt, but WITHOUT the computer. The company selling the fabric spray is Australian too, so that was a bonus to see. Check the video below

How to make a quick 
tie-dye t-shirt with soft fabric paint

How to make a great tie-dye t-shirt in minutes with soft fabric paint from Twist and spray, change colours, dry and wear. Permanent after 72 hours. Non-toxic, non-flammable, nil odour, hands wash clean with soap and water.



ONLINE Tutorials

6 Great Tips On :
How To Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing

Few easy tips on how to prepare your artwork for printing on t-shirts by Jacob Cass


Top 20 DIY t-shirt ideas:
How to make your own fashion for fun and profit

Learn how to screen print, make t-shirt stencils, create a cool t-shirt using scissors, dye a design with bleach, how to make the cheapest band t-shirts, draw designs on a t-shirt, make t-shirt designs with paint and pens, tie-dye using fabric spray paint, make inkjet heat transfers on t-shirts, recycle t-shirts into a skirt, how to deconstruct a t-shirt without sewing, sew a tube top out of a t-shirt, DIY a shopping bag, easy applique, DIY a hoodie scarf out of an old sweatshirt, give away t-shirts, much more!

sourced : blankclothing

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