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Im Amy-lee and Thanks so much for visiting my Gallery :o)
Most of my illustrations are hand drawn then scanned on the computer, and coloured in on photoshop.
I have alot of cutesy kiddy girly funky kinda images haha….but sometimes i dare to be different and try something new…..and it usually turns out pretty good haha.
I also have a masive love for photography…..I love the fact that you can capture a special moment or a precious thing and keep that memory forever.
Im only 21 so I still have alot of time to grow and learn new things.
I love that Im an Aussie, and I also love smiles, coffee, love, photography, art, kids, Australia, traveling, drawing, painting, old stuff, hippie stuff, beautiful beaches, laughing, crafty stuff, op shops, jewellery, shells, headbands, flowers, beanies, eye's and colorful things :o)All my art work is all copyrighted so if you dare to pinch something there will be trouble….

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