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artcommunities-011Today i went searching to find what was available for Creative Artists within the vast social networking sites available online these days. I found some interesting ones i havent come across before which i will join and list below.



SFeed is a shopping microblog that helps you share your findings with your friends, discover new products and create visual sets of items.  Sfeed helps you bookmark items from the web and easily share your finds with friends and people with similar style. Each user has a feed of recent activities, this helps you find exciting new items by following other users. You can also create sets – visual compositions of items to express your personal style. Sfeed has a clever recommendation brain that finds people similar to your taste – sweet !

It reminds me of a cross between ThisNext and Twitter. I'm going to utilize this site for promoting my own art that i have for sale..  You can find/follow me at :


Meseon : Meseon is a social network related with art. Meseon has been created to artists, people that love art, art expositors, galleries, museums, etc. If you love the art, meseon is the perfect place where enjoy of it. Explore, view the exhibitions, give your opinion, take contact with the artists or expositors, etc. If you have some of art that you wish publish and share, upload it to meseon and make it public. We can help you to promote your art, share it, sale, etc.

This one tends to have more traditional art (not so much digital arts) and its more of a gallery to sell (they have an sell service, but dont make the prints for you). I dont really see it as a ‘social network' type of site..


Emerging Artists : was formed to fill the need for low cost, worldwide access to original works of Art.  Unlike typical ‘auction' websites, we do not charge for listing your work.  If a piece sells in a week, or a year, the costs are known and fixed. We charge low Artist commissions and accept work from any Artist, novice to master.  Listed works must simply conform to established bounds of good taste and be an original work.

This is also similar to Meseon where its targeted for contemporary artist, but i also see there are sections for  Painting, Jewellery, Pottery, Sculpture, Glass, Photography and Digital Art. They dont make (print) it for you, so you have to send the art to buyer, but Emerging Artist handles the payment transactions for you (for a nominal fee)


MyFolio : MyFolio is a new online community of artists and creatives. Our website allows users to upload and share their videos, images, audios, files and to also build a personalized portfolio. While MyFolio was created with a single vision of becoming one of the largest art sharing websites, its purpose is anything but singular. Designed by the creative mind, for the creative mind, is the ultimate destination for creatives and art enthusiasts looking to connect with other artists, prospective employers, and the general public.

I like the look of this place from the quick lookaround i had. Will definitely go back and spend some time there to see how it folds out.. Find me at MyFolio : Webgrrl


Amateur Illustrator : Amateur Illustrator provides a platform for artists and illustrators to showcase their work and receive critique. The forums are the real heart of the community where most of the discussion goes on and the articles section aims to provide useful and informative reading on all things art and illustration.  


Art Network :  The Art Network is the foremost networking site for the Art and Design world. This dedicated community brings together the most creative minds and resources on the internet to one comprehensive site. Everyone from amateur to established artists, collectors, teachers, enthusiasts or those simply with an interest in art and design, can join for free, and create a personalised profile and social network.

This site encompasses all spectrums of art and design, from fine art through to body art, animation or anime – here you find all the support, information, friends, contacts and materials you will need to enjoy your passion. The opportunities at the Art Network are endless; find an animator for your writing, find a framer for your paintings, find a course that suits you, or an exhibition specific to what you are looking for.


My main reason for searching for these today, is so that i can post art that ive made ready for sale in Redbubble, Zazzle and Cafepress with links so that if people are interested to purchase, they can check it out further. Though there are many sites one can post images of ones art – however if you have it for sale, it might be against the sites Terms of Service (eg: Flickr).

If you know of any sites that should be added to this list, please leave the info in the comment box. Much appreciated!

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