Squidoo & Zazzle Working Together

 This evening i came across news (thru Twitter again!) about Squidoo and Zazzle working together.  I found a little video to give a quick explaination (no sound)

Put your Zazzle Gallery on Squidoo    

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 This means there is now a Zazzle module to add into any lens you have in Squidoo, so you can promote your stuff super easily.   You are encouraged to promote and write as many lenses about topics in Squidoo, so the promotion potential here is excellent.

Its all happening isn it? Cafepress and Zazzle announcing international base set ups, in UK, Europe and Cafepress even targeted the Australian market.

Here's a fun way to make a quick lens;


A fun (free) way to promote your Zazzle projects!

You're invited to try a creative new way to spotlight your favorite items, spread your ideas and sell more stuff. Loads of Zazzle superstars are already rocking it. P.S. You even earn bonus royalties from Squidoo along the way. » ( link )

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