I submitted one of my newest fractal composition in the Promote Each Other group's debut challenge at Redbubble. It goes for 2 days only, so Vote for me if you like it, and browse thru the other submission and vote for them too. Click on the image to take you to the voting page, or HERE to take you to the mainpage of the group, so you can see all the entries for this challenge..Thank you!

psydimensions About the Promote Each Other group :

Each week, members of the group bookmark, rate, digg, review, blog about and generally promote a selection of works chosen by the group.

How to become members of the group? First you join Redbubble, if you are not a member,,

To become and continue being a group member of Promote Each Other you will need to…

  1. 1. Remain active on at least 2 bookmarking, review, blog or rating websites
  2. 2. Use these sites to promote a variety of works (not just redbubble works or your work)
  3. 3. Participate in group challenges by voting regularly for your favorite works
  4. 4. Regularly promote some of the works from the leaderboard on other websites
  5. 5. Let the group know how and where you are promoting by posting in the forums
  6. 6. If you are promoted after a challenge, please do not enter the following challenge to give other people a go

This group has an interesting concept – where its more about promoting other peoples work (which at the same time you are promoting your entrepreneurial goodness! )

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