International Photographers unite for Cancer

a gift of art

Buy my #<ImageWork:0xb6251dc>#<ImageWork:0xb62504c>#<ImageWork:0xb624ea8>#<ImageWork:0xb624d2c>#<ImageWork:0xb624bb0>#<ImageWork:0xb624a34>#<ImageWork:0xb6248b8>#<ImageWork:0xb62473c>#<ImageWork:0xb6245c0>#<ImageWork:0xb624444>#<ImageWork:0xb6242a0>#<ImageWork:0xb624124> A GIFT OF ART is a group of international photographers who have united together for a cause, donating the proceeds from the sale of their art to selected charity organisations.

The group, A Photographer’s Craft, which is made up of artists from all over the world and are linked together in Redbubble, an internet-based community, launchs their first charity fundraiser, for Cancer Research from May-August 2008.

The donated works from each participating group member can be viewed and purchased at their virtual gallery, The Gift of Art.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the National Cancer Institute, a division of the National Institute of Health, which has provided more than 70 years of excellence in cancer research around the world.

Photographic works are professionally printed on high quality papers and canvases and are available in a variety of sizes with custom frames and mats.

A Photographer’s Craft group hopes that bringing together international artists will aid an international health concern. The group aims to promote art’s ability to communicate the human condition, contribute to cancer research, celebrate survivors, and honor those we have lost.

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