Changes around the places..

There's been some changes happening in the various Print on Demand places. If you have a shop there creative creators, best you head into the back office to see these changes.. they are quite good (or maybe not, for some..)

  • Zazzle : mainly changes for the shopkeeper and layout for the customer,
    but 15% bigger images (so you see the designs better)
  • Cafepress : also mainly changes for the Premium account shopkeeper
    with things like a limit of sections (but it woah..thats a lot anyways)
  • Redbubble : has more colour selections for their t-shirts, and lots of other little things, important if you are member there.

Cafepress snippet :
On May 6 (if all goes as planned) we'll be launching a few new tools aimed at helping Shopkeepers to efficiently manage and build out their shops. The tools we're launching have been requested by the community countless times over the past year, so we're thrilled to get them introduced and placed into action!

Here's a list of all their changes that's coming :
* Section Limits
* Bulk Add Products
* Bulk Delete Tool
* Section Tools (Copy and Move)
Read it all here at the Cafepress

Whats new at Zazzle..

  • Larger product views : they've increased the size of gallery product views by 15%!
  • Smaller right-hand navigation : (Tool Tip: When creating categories in your gallery, keep your titles around 20 characters to prevent text breaks.)
  • Management tools now in MyZazzle
  • Change the height of your gallery header image f
    rom the standard 200px height to the new slimmer 100px height.
  • Private galleries : The new private gallery option makes your gallery invisible to the general public.

    Full official info can be found at Zazzle's Forum

RedBubble : Lots more colour range/choice available now, see image below


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