Artdictive went missing

About 10 days ago, i came here (artdicitve's blog) and all i got was a 404 page. Cut real long story short, my ‘hosting people' told me that they havent a clue where my site was, like i somehow wasnt really there the last two years..  I keep harpin at them and persisting, in a way like guiding them to search for it via diffent approach… blah blah blah..

They found it in the end, but i now have to move, restore and all that.. whichi REALLY dont have the time for either..

So yah, this site's been offline for about two weeks, and so is another sitei publish and maintain, – but i havent had a chance to do anything there yet. 

Appreciate your understanding if the site doesnt look too good at the moment.. mind the mess, but make yourself at home..

Hmm..maybe i should also change the look/colors..


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