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What they said :

T-world is the world’s only printed T-shirt journal dedicated to the art of T-shirt culture. We’re made in Melbourne (Australia), but distributed into over 15 countries. We’re released twice a year, but if you want your weekly T-shirt fix then come on down…

This is a place where obsession is encouraged, entertainment is assured and information is fresh. Completely focused on T-shirt culture and every facet within. Created by and produced for T-shirts enthusiasts, T-world showcases the global phenomenon of T-shirt culture and is highly regarded as the bible for this ‘must have' fashion accessory. T-world is one of mag nation's favourite mags (journal to the guys that produce it!) and best sellers.

2 responses to “A Magazine for T-Shirt fans : T-World”

  1. GREAT Mag!!! Its so hard to find I am going to have to subscribe. I have no other choice the mag is iLL. Thank You

  2. Mark Antony says:

    I got this free once, its pretty crap.. wouldnt pay for it.

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