MutualART : Art information at one place is a revolutionary online information service launched in 2008, following two years of research and development. is dedicated to empowering our Members – art enthusiasts, collectors and professionals – by providing more art information than has ever been available before, together with tools to customize that information, using our proprietary semantic web technologies.

Yesterday i came across this site, still in Beta mode (so that means ‘new'). Ok, before you say “Oh no, not another Art website!”, its not like every other art website around. Its about Art, all types of creative art – but its more about the news, the exhibition and lots of other interesting stuff. Its good for the artist, but also for Art students, art researchers, curator. A definite Art Fest, you could be there for hours.. has a completely new approach to art on the web. Members can track categories of art – even individual artists – and receive new information on these from thousands of sources. They also receive advance notification of art events in the categories they choose – from exhibitions and lectures to opening parties and galas, to auctions offering works by their preferred artists. includes the world's largest online archive of over 150,000 art related articles from over 250 quality magazines, newspapers and journals, as well as providing a conduit for galleries, museums, auction houses, art fairs and publishers to reach their target audiences over a single, global platform.

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