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 Two very resourceful site for Writers. Both the sites has lots of good resources. Came across these site whilst looking for copyright information


Midlife WriterHave you always wanted to write, but just never found the time in your life to pursue your dream? Not sure how to get started writing?

Afraid it's too late for you to start a writing career?Well, it's never too late to start. All you need is a little help and encouragement. Lucky for you, that's what our Midlife Writer membership site is all about. Our primary purpose is to create a community dedicated to helping you find the answers and inspiration you need to become the kind of writer you've dreamed of becoming.

Our intention is to be the largest resource on the Internet for midlife writers, offering you hundreds of articles, resources and an interactive discussion board where you can get answers to your writing questions and connect with other late blooming writers like yourself.


What they say about themselves :

Suite101's door is open to the curious novice looking for a “101” intro to any of our 2000 topics, but it's also a meeting place for 4.5 million readers and 500,000 members each month ask 101 burning questions of the day.

With 10 years online, over 95,000 articles and 900 professional, paid contract writers, Suite101 is dedicated to delivering quality expertise and writing increasingly rare in the online world.

We aim for the elegance and ground-floor appeal our name implies, but we're also evolving a suite of features for which we know readers and writers alike will be banging down the door. Drop in for an eclectic soiree of topical commentary and candid advice – you've found the genuine article.

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