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Why should Rectangle and Square get dibs on everything cool? What about poor Circle?Count on The Photo Circle Cutter to give your photos a crisp, shiny new roundness.With three sizes to choose from, encircle your friends, your pets, or whatever you like, then use the included foto clips to hang your photo circles as curtains, room dividers, or just
a fun wall display.

  • Cuts 3 different size circles – 2.5in, 3.4in, and 3.7in.
  • Includes spare blades (They're also easy to find in a craft store if you happen to run out.)
  • Easy and safe to use (But children should be supervised)
  • Includes 30 free photo clips – to start clipping your photos together into awesome constructions. (Gone through all of those? Buy more Fotoclips!)

Ships in 24-48 hours!

1 for $12

2 for $26

3 for $38


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