Custom Gift Wrapping Paper

Was discussing with ThickBlackOutline today about the hopes that one of these custom print-on-demand places will look into making Wrapping Paper. It would go so well with the Greeting Cards, Postage Stamps – to wrap up the t-shirt, for example 😉

So from this discussion, i Googled a few keywords to see what was about, and though didnt find exactly what we were looking for, I'm posting some links and excerpt from articles with things to do with ‘Gift Wrapping Paper' Click on the links to take you to the full info/instructions, etc Enjoy!

Create Your Own Wrapping Paper
Once you find out how easy it is to create some fun personalized sheets of gift wrap for your family and friends, you'll want to print wrapping paper for all sorts of occasions. Find out how to put your computer, printer, digital photos and standard Microsoft Word software to good use by creating some very easy, fun, and customized holiday gift wrap that will surely delight the recipients as much as the gift itself. Full info and instructions at HP Digital Photography

makeaflake.jpgMake-your-own Special Last-minute Wrapping Paper
MakeflakeMake your own gift wrap – Jack writes “This year as I was putting together Christmas gifts, I realized that I'd forgotten to pick up a roll of wrapping paper. At this point, I recalled the Make-a-Flake site I came across a while ago, and it hit me that I could prevent another trip to the store and at the same time, make custom wrapping paper for each of my giftees. Win-win!”. Full instructions here

Make sure you check out Make-a-Flake – the flake you make could be utilized in designs for t-shirts, cards, stickers, lots!

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