Why do we believe we aren’t good enough to create our art?  Maybe it’s because we keep telling ourselves the same stupid lies over and over again… It’


this quote is spot on for me ~ especially the part that say "create to remind yourself you’re still alive.."   Another great article from the skinnyartist!


You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself. ~Frederick Terral


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01 – FaxBetter Free FaxBetter is an Internet service that allows you to send and receive faxes over the Internet without fax machine. No credit card required to sign up! When you sign up for a FaxBetter account you receive a toll free fax number. When documents are faxed to this number they are emailed …


I haven’t had time to check these out yet – but thought i’d post it here, so i know where to find it. Many times i have had to fax something and would have to find alternative methods (like snail mail!) cuz with ADSL internet i can’t send faxes like we could back in the ole’ dial-up internet days..


Yes – faxing is still around — are you surprised? I sometimes am – i thought it would be all email or dropbox by now ;)

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It’s aggravating and demeaning when a business asks for free work. You feel belittled and often foster an urge to prove that you offer a professional service t


Unfortunately, there are designers who continue to do free work on the vague promise of “exposure,” “paying work later on,” and the client’s “rich friends” who will see your designs and “pay big fees” for your work.  The truth is, when you do free work, you have set your value and that client and his/her rich friends will also ask for free design work because you “did it for so-and-so.”

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Are you thinking about how to monetizing a successful blog by selling digital or physical products, services or subscriptions? If you answered yes and aren’t sure how to add ecommerce to your blog then read on. I’ll share with you some simple steps to turn your blog into an online store. No excuses, you can start now…  Selz Blog / Read more »

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Since it’s Friday and we don’t really feel like working today, we decided to give you a cool freebie that we hope you guys will enjoy. 


Part 1 of an eBook about various aspects from the life of designers, web developers, freelancers and even marketers.

Here’s what’s in this eBook:

1. Thinking about Going Freelance? Here’s a Few Tips

2. How to Become a More Productive Freelancer

3. The Daily Schedule for Freelancing Success

4. The Successful Freelance Web Worker: Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

5. How to Make Your Freelance Business Stand Out.

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We have an awesome super premium mockups bundle prepared for you guys! Actually it’s a combination between MockupZilla and MockupZilla 2, but with an extra


Freebie sample Mock-up to display your designs. The two mock-up samples are from Inkydeals’s mock-up super bundle that has 65 to quality mock-ups for under $50 (RRP $480)



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