Must see Designers:Watch List

The Must-See Documentaries for Designers and Artists.


World’s Ugliest Color – Graphic Designers Discussion (Video)

When market research firm Gfk was hired by the Australian government to consider how cigarette packs could be designed to prevent ...


The Art of Reinvention: One Couple’s Secret to Thriving Off-Season

Nick Worsley stealthily hunts flies, bringing down the swatter in quick, deft strikes, punctuating the conversation I’m having ...


10 Designers Who Only Became Successful After Age 40

Unlike mathematicians and scientists, who tend to do their most important work while young, many artists and designers find their ...


Tutorial + Freebies | Modern Masquerade Ball Flyer (AI)

Illustrator-based youtube video tutorial for a modern Masquerade Ball Flyer - plus as usual with the designcuts crew - some ...


Artist Residencies – the world most unusual ones

Residencies are incubators for productivity, but also opportunities for funding, forging relationships, and perhaps most ...